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How to register to vote in Qatar’s Shura Council elections


Voter registration for the Shura Council elections has opened across all electoral districts and will run until Thursday 5 August.

Voter registration for the Shura Council elections, set to take place in October, is now open for eligible Qatari citizens.

The application to register can be submitted through the Metrash2 app, by text message, or by personally visiting any of the electoral headquarters across the country.

By text, you can send your Qatar ID number to 95555, granted that your phone number is registered on the Metrash2 application or under your national address.

For those interested in registering via Metrash2, click onto the ‘citizens’ icon, then proceed to click ‘Shura Council elections,’ then finally click ‘voter registration’ and place your application, ensuring that all personal information is accurate.

The aforementioned methods can also be utilised by those who reside outside of Qatar and wish to register to vote in the Shura Council elections.

Potential voters can also make their way to the nearest electoral headquarters, show their personal ID, and register to vote personally.

There are 30 electoral circles, corresponding to different areas around Qatar, where citizens can register to vote for the October elections.

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After following any of the three methods, citizens should receive a text message confirming that their request to become a registered voter has been approved.

Voters must be Qatari nationals and not younger than 18-years-old by 22 August when the final electoral lists are announced. Those who have been nationalised are only eligible if their paternal grandfather was born in Qatar.

Members of all the armed forces, including military officers and civil servants, can also vote on the condition that they are fully competent and “have not been sentenced to a final judgment in a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, unless they have been rehabilitated in accordance with the law”.

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