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Friday, January 21, 2022

Hunger games, Qatar-style: Parading on the Corniche


Many young Qatari men are passing those last hungry hours before sunset this Ramadan by cruising the Corniche in their finest vehicles.

The leisurely parade, most often seen between 3pm to 6pm, has caused countless traffic snarls on the Corniche this year, a bit of confusion, but also entertained some passersby.

Concerns about the flouting of traffic laws has also been raised, as children hang out of car windows and motorists drive without seat belts. 

One participant, the owner of a QR600,000 Maserati, spoke to the Peninsula newspaper about the “Corniche parade”, which he said has become an annual activity for him and his friends during Ramadan:

Asked if he and his friends are not concerned that their ‘show’ causes traffic jams and poses difficulties for motorists, he said: “Indeed there are traffic jams, but after four or five days people come to know of it and they avoid the main Corniche Road and use the parallel road behind.”

Qatari psychologist Dr. Moza Al Malki also weighed in, telling the Peninsula:

“This is the time (between 3pm and 6pm) when women are busy preparing food for breaking the fast and men, especially youngsters, have nothing to do. So instead of praying and reading the Holy Quran many of them venture out of their homes and take part in such activities,” Al Malki told this newspaper.

Have you witnessed the Corniche parade?


Credit: Photos by Glen McKay

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