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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Introducing the new Dohanews.co


Screenshot 2013-10-12 12.02.19

You may have noticed this morning that things are looking a little different around here – OK, in some regards, a lot different.

Last night, we set to work rolling out the new Doha News website.

We’re really excited to be shifting platforms – from Tumblr to WordPress – because we finally have full control over our site.

You’ll notice the front page looks entirely different. We’ve replaced posts of full articles with a list of latest stories instead, complete with thumbnails and teasers, and with three featured stories over the top. It’s a look we feels puts a more professional foot forward.

Screenshot 2013-10-12 12.03.34

On article pages, we’ve got bigger text, better sharing tools, a “clean read” view to remove the sidebar, and related stories at the bottom.

Over the top, we’ve installed a fixed header that scrolls with you, making it easier to navigate the website. And on the left, there’s also a scrolling tab that lets you send us a message – be it story idea, suggestion or complaint – as you navigate the site.

Screenshot 2013-10-12 12.04.15

There are also a couple more advertising placements, to help us develop into a more sustainable operation. And finally, we’ve implemented a “responsive” layout, which means the site should optimize itself to fit whatever your device or screen size is.

The relaunch has caused some issues that we are currently working to address. We’re still trying to import all the old comments, the search page doesn’t work very well at the moment, and some of the old links aren’t working. Please bear with us these next few days as we sort out the glitches, and please share your thoughts and feedback with us too!

We’re looking forward to building a better Doha News and hope you’ll stick with us as we get there.



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OA Monteiro
OA Monteiro
8 years ago

Cool design…. Would be good if comment counter is shown.

Omar Chatriwala
8 years ago
Reply to  OA Monteiro

Yeah — it doesn’t appear to be working at the moment, but we’ll definitely get it going soon 🙂

8 years ago

What about all the old comments? Are they just gone 🙁

Omar Chatriwala
8 years ago
Reply to  Abdulrahman

To be honest — I think so. I tried to get Disqus to remap all the articles from the old site to this one, but that doesn’t appear to have succeeded.

As you were the most prolific commenter, I know that must come as a blow to you. For that, I’m sorry.

They do still live on at dohanews.tumblr.com — we won’t be killing that site, but we’ll be changing the way we engage with tumblr in the future, probably also changing out its look & feel.

8 years ago

First impressions are…Very Good!

8 years ago

The fact that the website scales with the screen size is great news for those on mobile devices. A lot of websites don’t do this and very few mobile browsers re-flow text (just text) properly. Kudos.

8 years ago

Dohanews.co’s fresh look along with loads of new features are simply awesome.
wishing you more of everything!

8 years ago

Why did you eliminate the scroll down window showing the latest posts ? It was very useful !

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