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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Is Qatar setting itself up for a big fall – or does it know exactly what it’s doing?


Blake Hounshell, Foreign Policy magazine’s managing editor and a former Qatar resident, has opened what is sure to be a can of worms with his most recent piece on the Gulf nation. 

Calling Qatar a “bubble,” Hounshell asserts that the tiny, gas-rich country is setting itself up for a big fall, in part because it has involved itself in other countries’ thorny political issues.

The piece, written in a sarcastic tone, almost angry tone, builds a case, but it is unclear for what.

That Qatar should rest on its laurels, rather than attempt to mediate the problems of others? That it should enjoy its wealth while it can?

The article also ends with more of a challenge than a conclusion:

So let’s hold the accolades for Qatar. There’s a reason most city-states throughout history have avoided provoking their larger neighbors — sooner or later, they strike back. And isn’t being incredibly rich good enough?

Well, Qatar residents – is it?

Credit: Photo by Isabell Schulz

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