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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Israeli journalist slapped by backlash over anti-Qatar tweet


An Israeli journalist, Edy Cohen, attacks Qatar, prompting Qatari Twitter backlash. 

Israeli journalist, Edy Cohen, sparked local backlash on Twitter after accusing Qatar of allegedly “abandoning its Arab identity” for not following in the footsteps of neighbouring Gulf states to normalise with Israel.

O Qatar, go back to your Arab roots and remove yourself from the arms of Tehran’s mullahs,” Cohen tweeted on Saturday.

Local twitter users swiftly responded to the Israeli journalist, many of whom questioning whether it was indeed his real account or an Emirati bot account deployed as part of a smear campaigns against Qatar. 

Meanwhile, one Twitter user blamed the criticism to Qatar’s unwillingness to concede to regional pressure.

“All this attack from the Zionists on because Qatar refused to join the alliance (the Zionist Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini) to confront Iran. Has history not proven that Qatar is a sovereign state that does not accept dictation from anyone and can manage its interests efficiently and with wisdom of its own leadership?”

Popular Twitter user, Abou Ghanim, made a connection between the tweet and remarks made by former deputy chief of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan, who has unleashed several attacks against Qatar in recent years.

Another user also mocked the tweet by saying: “It seems Dhahi Khalfan paid you a visit”.

Naseer Abdulmajid Al-Jabari also took aim at the journalist by saying “to the arms of Cohen [instead]?”

But this is not the first time Cohen has attacked Qatar.

Previously, Cohen alleged Doha was playing a “double game against its neighbours” and described the Gulf state as “reluctant” to achieve peace in the region.

The criticism comes months after a number of Arab states triggered regional backlash after announcing the normalisation of ties with the occupying Israeli state.

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco agreed to form ties despite fierce protest from Palestinian factions.

On the other hand, Qatar has vowed to stand by the Palestinian people as long as occupying Israeli forces continue to violate the laws set by the United Nations to protect the besieged Palestinians.

Qatar has on several occasions denounced the countless violent and discriminatory actions committed against the Palestinian people by Israeli forces.

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Most recently, Qatar’s Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Spokesperson, Lolwah Al Khater in a speech on Monday made mention of Israel’s ongoing violations especially with regards to the latest “vaccine apartheid”.

Al Khater affirmed that “the occupation authorities must realise that a just, comprehensive and lasting peace can only be achieved by ending the occupation and establishing the State of Palestine on the basis of pre-1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The official’s remarks confirmed Qatar’s position towards the Israeli occupation of Palestine and rejects Doha’s rumoured normalisation with the occupying state.

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