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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Katara opens new exhibition about human creation


All photos by Reem Saad

As part of this year’s Ramadan Festival, Katara Cultural Village has opened a series of 3D exhibitions depicting the Quran’s take on the human body and creation.

The festival, called “Human Creation in the Holy Quran,” features 14 different exhibitions about the body, including the heart, eyes, teeth, bones, arteries, fingerprints and stages of fetal growth.

Each display also includes a few verses from the Holy Quran that further explain the topic.

Katara human creations exhibition
Katara human creations exhibition

For example, a detailed breakdown regarding the stages of human embryology is provided in several chapters of the Quran.

At the exhibition, verses referring to this development could be seen painted alongside drawings of the stages. Speaking to Doha News at Katara on Thursday night, one visitor said:

“What’s great about these exhibitions is that they make learning fun for children. Teaching our children Quran is one of the most important responsibilities we have as parents, and to see that it can be taught in a children-friendly environment is somewhat of a relief.”

Health check-ups

In addition to the visual exhibitions, medical experts have set up tables and are offering visitors some of the latest health tips or giving them free check-ups for eyesight, hearing, blood pressure and teeth, for both adults and children.

Eye checkup
Eye checkup

Meanwhile, Building No. 3 includes a large play area where children have access to various collections of books and puzzle-building games related to the human anatomy. The section also has a kids’ gym where children can partake in various physical activities and games.

In a statement, Katara general manager Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti said that this month’s programs are aimed at granting visitors the opportunity to contemplate the greatness of God’s creation.

The exhibitions are held in Katara buildings 3, 13, 18, 19 and 22 and are open daily from 9am to 1pm and from 7pm to midnight. All will run until July 7.

Several workshops, competitions and Quran memorization sessions are also being held as part of the festival. More information can be found on Katara’s website.


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