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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Leaving Qatar to appreciate it


One of the most favorite pastimes among expats in Qatar is complaining. Whether Qatar doesn’t have enough of one thing or too much of another, there is always something here to complain about. 

But a funny thing happens to many Doha residents when they travel abroad – they start missing Qatar. 

At least that’s what happened to one Canadian expat who blogs at Brays’ Adventures. She writes:

A Funny Thing Happened in France…I missed Doha. In the land of wine, pork and cheese in a beautiful green city with couples openly holding hands, I suddenly realized I was missing more of the “Sandpit” then I thought…

And now, things are going to change. I will be honest – I have spent the last 10 months hating my job. I have cried myself to sleep and cried to Big C about going home. I have been sick with stress. But I realized here, they aren’t going to get me. For the first time, when someone asked me if I wanted to stay the full time in Qatar the answer was an honest yes.

And so, another phase of our expat life begins. For me, the “honeymoon” (can you have a “nightmare moon”?) is over.

Read her full post here.

I went through a similar journey of self-discovery when I first landed in Qatar years ago – it was only when I left for a trip home (in the middle of a Michigan winter!) that I truly appreciated what Qatar had to offer.

What about you guys? Do you ever find yourself missing Qatar when traveling abroad? (Something’s gotta compel us to keep coming back, right?)

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