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Litter fines in Qatar, explained



Amid the government’s ongoing “We all see you, you’re not alone” campaign urging residents to behave responsibly and keep the nation clean, Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has recently explained the fines associated with a number of potential offenses.

Here are some of them, as compiled by the Peninsula:

  • Littering tissue or waste or spitting on the streets and public areas: QR200,
  • Leaving food waste in front of homes, on the roads or in public areas: QR100,
  • Hanging clothes, carpets or similar items on the balconies, by the roads or in public areas: QR300,
  • Leaving felled trees in public areas: QR100,
  • Discharging water on the streets: QR300,
  • Leaving animal waste in areas not allocated for it: QR400,
  • Dumping old materials or equipment on the pavements or in public areas: QR100,
  • Throwing waste bags in public areas, on the streets or out of garbage containers: QR500,
  • Leaving food waste in public parks, on beaches, in public areas or any open spaces: QR100,
  • Abandoning cars on the streets, sidewalks or in public areas: QR500,
  • Not covering construction or other materials that may fall on the roads while being transported: QR600, and
  • Washing vehicles in areas not allocated for that purpose: QR100.

According to the newspaper, public hygiene violations must be paid within 24 hours of being issued.

Despite the months-long campaign, littering continues to be a big problem in Qatar, especially on its public beaches. Critics say lax enforcement is one of the reasons for this.

Have you ever been fined for any of the above offenses? Thoughts?


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7 years ago

I still don’t get the spitting thing….especially compared to some of the things that get off with a lighter fine. Potentially ignorant-sounding question: Is there a religious rule against it?

7 years ago

The fines are simply not significant enough. There are fines in excess of $1500 USD and 1000 EUR in America and Europe for littering. They take it quite seriously. Leaving a bag of waste on the beach, which gets washed into the sea can kill a great deal of sea life and give an immediate impression of a dirty and polluted area. It makes everything from camping in the Inland Sea to a day at the beach just a bit more unpalatable. Despite nationality, race, gender, what have you, people need to understand that we all share this little rock flying through space, and things like this represent the poorest use of our resources and make the world, not just Qatar, a more polluted home for everyone.

7 years ago

There should be a separate category for hitting your horn outside a fast food joint, eating your food and then chucking the bags out of your car window.

Can I suggest – 6000 qr

7 years ago

How about smoking in public places?

7 years ago

I am amazed that hanging clothes on the balcony is considered littering. Having that said, breathing may as well be added as none are enforced anyway.

7 years ago

honestly, I have never seen a policeman ticketing for any of the issues listed up here in the article…..

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