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Lockdown life of a working mum


By Narges Raiss

As confinement and self-isolation fell upon us, my family had to face a new reality and adjust to it. We are a family of five and with my husband and I as working parents, alongside our three children (7, 5 and 2), we heavily relied on schools so we could make ‘work’ possible, so when circumstances changed, adjustments had to be made.

I have been solid advocate of daily routine throughout my journey and a firm believer of its power and benefits. My first remark would be that children adapt to new situations more easily than us parents. I have witnessed first-hand how they seemingly created a new routine for themselves, without overthinking it — whereas, us adults and parents, have to re-invent how we work, to uphold our professional responsibilities alongside becoming teachers.

The key word to making all this work is flexibility as some days are better than others. When we start losing track of our schedule, we simply let go and quickly move on in order to avoid a burn-out and tantrums which can in the long run can result in draining our energy. But more importanly by moving on, our priority is making sure that especially during these times that our children are protected and cared for, for me mental health for us all is more important than my child knowing the difference between a herbivore and carnivore.

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