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Look up! Five planets to appear in Qatar’s skies this February


Grab your telescope and mark your calendar to see five planets decorate Doha’s skies this month!

Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars will be visible to see across Qatari skies this February, the Qatar Calendar House has announced. 

Citizens and residents will be able to observe four of our solar system’s planets at dawn – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury – and one – Mars – during the evening sky, according to Dr. Bashir Marzouq, an astrologist at the Qatari Calendar House. 

The expert also stated that planet Mercury will be located close to the biggest planet of our solar system, Jupiter, on Monday – a sight no astrology lover wants to miss out on. 

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During this period, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will form a spectacular astronomical scene, in which the three planets will align in a straight line just before sunrise. 

The best part? The view can be seen with the naked eye above the eastern horizon of Qatari skies, although it is recommended to avoid polluted and light flooded areas.

Meanwhile, Mars will be at the closest point to the Islamic month of Rajab’s moon on Thursday, when the angular distance between the two will be 3.5 degrees arc.

For those interested in observing the red planet and the moon on Thursday, the best time will be jus after sunset at 5:30 until 11:22 pm, local Doha time.  

After last month’s conjunction phenomenon, Jupiter and Saturn moved from appearing above the western horizon during the evening sky to appearing in the eastern horizon during dawn Dr. Marzouq added.

These astronomical phenomena are natural and will not affect the earth in any way, he added. 

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