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Looking for a modest swimsuit this summer? We’ve got you covered


With these modest and fashionable burkini options, you can finally enjoy a relaxing beach trip with comfortable swimwear – in style!

Modest swimwear brands are slowly starting to gain popularity thanks to the influence of social media and the rising demand for fashionable and unique burkini styles.

A decade back, finding stylish and modest swimwear that wasn’t a mere shapeless black burkini was near enough impossible – not to mention the thick, and uncomfortable material that debilitates your movement the moment you step into the water.

Now, searching modest fashion on Google can offer you over 150 million results in seconds, some of which linking back to world renowned brands that recognised an opportunity and jumped on the modesty trend.

According to Bazaar, Pinterest UK reports that searches for the term “modest” are up 500 percent since the beginning of 2019, which means one thing: more options than ever.

Thankfully for all hijabis and modest-wear lovers out there, several young entrepreneurs have taken matters into their own hands and created swimwear brands that have you covered – literally.

Here are some we came across:

1- AWA Swimwear

[Instagram/ AWA Swimwear]
AWA Swimwear is one of the most popular brands in The Netherlands, and one look at company’s website will explain why.

The brand offers a variety of different styles of modest swimwear and burkinis for different tastes, ranging from tight, loose, patterned and just a simple, elegant black design.

The collection includes casual and comfortable modest swimming options at reasonable prices. One of the most unique pieces is a two-piece set with flared trousers and bell sleeves, while the best sellers include a fitted top that flows below the waist for extra modesty and coverage.

You can order their pieces online through the website or email for worldwide shipping.

2- Lyra Swim


Lyra Swim is hands-down one of many favourites – and for a good reason.

The brand was launched by Ikram Zein, a Muslim woman who loved fashion but found little to no Burkini designs that she liked. After struggling to find the perfect swimsuit to fit her style, the young entrepreneur decided to make her own, and we can all be thankful for that!

Lyra offers a variety of stunning designs in elegant neutrals, decorated with unique prints in muted hues. The swimsuits compliment curves perfectly, and the clever design offers detailed and fashionable coverage by using sleep turtlenecks and detachable skirts, not to mention light material. Whether you want a little tight or very loose modest swimwear, Lyra will tick your boxes.

Prices are around 380-500 Qatari riyals, and you can easily order online and get it shipped to your door step in less than two weeks.

3- Hydro Swimwear 


Elegant, stylish and unique. Hydro swimwear has modern burkini designs with UV protection, anti chlorine and water repellent material.

The Egyptian brand also has coverups made especially for burkinis, meaning you no longer have to go through the hassle of trying to find all your beach outfits from different websites. It also has different sizes to cater to all body sizes.

The best part? You can get the unique pieces for less than $100.

4- Lanuuk Swimwear

Lanuuk Swimwear was co-founded by Ayesha Mahomed and Katleya Nielsen in 2018 with the aim to design burkinis that combine femininity, style, quality and comfort. The brand aims to redefine modest swimwear by designing burkinis that incorporates different outlines, such as their best-seller ruffled Serena swimsuit.

One look at the swimwear and you can just feel how comfortable the material is, making it a chic and beautiful option for all those craving a dip in the pool.

Lanuuk burkinis come with classic colour combinations and suit a range of body types and style preferences. Their designs are also suitable for pregnant women.

The material is made from an ultra-high quality mix of nylon and spandex, providing UPF50+ sun protection without the feel of heavy material.

Prices range from 450-500 riyals and can be ordered online through the website.

5- Shelline Swimwear

Comfort is what makes Shelline designs so unique. Most of the swimsuits zip up as a jump suit and come with an additional flattering and stylish wrap-up skirt, just in case you need that extra modest layer.

The pieces come in different colours and include full-coverage hijab options instead of turbans for increased modesty. Some designs also come with distinctive patterns in trendy colours, making them great choices for many looking for their perfect modest swimwear this summer.

The brand is simply minimalistic and unique, and ships worldwide with little to no hassle. Prices range from 405-620 Qatari Riyals, and can be ordered through the website.

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