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Monday, January 24, 2022

MET: Doha to be hit with cold spell this weekend


Cold winds from Siberia are expected to waft over the region tonight and linger for about a week, cooling Qatar and the rest of the GCC countries down by several degrees, the MET has predicted.

Expect temps to fall to 56F (13C) tonight and stay in the low 60s (16 to 18C) during the next couple days, weathermen say.

The Peninsula reports:

If the forecast comes true, the coming week could experience the lowest temperature of this season and perhaps of several years in the recent past.

Temperature during winter in Qatar rarely goes below 10 degrees and the lowest experienced this year so far was 10-12 degrees. The weathermen, however, say that the Siberian effect is nothing new to the region and a second cold wave from the frosty Russian terrain could hit the region in the forthcoming weeks.

“This phenomenon had happened many times in the past. The cold wave from Siberia combined with the dry cold air over the region could cause a significant fall in temperature in the next three to four days,” a forecaster told this newspaper last evening.

Perhaps because there’s no central heating here, but 57F always feel much cooler in Doha than it does back home.

So get your space heaters before they sell out!

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