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Saturday, January 29, 2022

MET: ‘Sea fog’ that blanketed Qatar won’t be as bad today


Fog at the Pearl yesterday afternoon. Credit: Ray Toh

The thick white mist that rolled over Qatar yesterday was the result of “sea fog” that formed offshore and moved inland in the afternoon, forecasters said.

The fog slowed traffic to a crawl in some parts of the country and even affected some flights in the region.

Here’s how it developed, according to one local photographer:

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Rest of the week

The Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) said foggy conditions are expected until Thursday. However, the mist likely won’t be as thick as what we saw yesterday.

Meanwhile, residents are urged to continue driving safely on the roads — meaning, don’t use your hazard lights!

For those in need of more advice, the Ministry of Interior has offered these safe driving tips:

How has the fog affected your week? Thoughts?

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