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When to use your phone while driving in Qatar


Motorists may use their phones after their vehicles come to a complete stop at a red traffic light or a parking area. Yet, as long as the vehicle is moving or waiting (to cross) a roundabout or an unsignalised intersection, it is a traffic violation to even hold the phone.

First Lt. Riyad Ahmed, National Campaign for Road Accidents Prevention, explaining that the use of mobile phones are one of the main causes of accidents in Qatar.


According to Gulf Times, traffic police are stepping up enforcement of the no-phone rule:

(Ahmed) said the use of mobile phones whether for talking, texting or any other purpose considerably diverted the attention of motorists and negatively affected their performance on the road.

“Traffic patrols try to spot the violators and fine them accordingly round the clock.”


Credit: Photo for illustrative purposes only by Will Merydith

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