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Municipality shuts down ‘fake’ meat packing company


Authorities said the company purchased low-quality remnant meat from State slaughterhouses
Authorities said the company collected remnant meat from State slaughterhouses

The health department of the Doha Municipality has identified and closed an illegal meat packing company that apparently collected remnants from government slaughterhouses, packaged them for sale and distributed them to supermarkets and grocery stores.

Details released via Qatar News Agency said the company sold products under three different names: “Halal cold store” (in green packaging), “Al Qamar cold store” (in blue) and “B K cold store” (in orange). Photos of the packacking published by the Peninsula, however, indicated the third name was “Pee Kee cold store” in English.

It said inspectors from the municipality’s Health Control Section found the packaged meat at some grocery stores, but on investigation, found no such company licensed for the trade.

The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has warned stores not to sell their products, but offered no details as to how widely spread the packaged meats had been distributed.

The Peninsula reports it had relatively limited distribution:

The stores that sold these products were mainly patronised by low-income workers who were, apparently, happy buying mutton at low rates.

It said the company’s premises was well equipped with large refrigeration units, meat cutting and chopping machines, as well as printed labels with production and expiry dates, and is believed to have been operating for at least six months.


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