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Thursday, October 28, 2021

My weight-loss diary: Week five – How far have I come?



In a country where some two-thirds of residents are overweight, Qatar has been searching for ways to combat its obesity epidemic. Medical experts and athletes are constantly weighing in on the fight, but one voice that’s rarely heard is that of an overweight person trying to get a handle on his/her health. In this weekly series, one Qatar resident gets personal about her struggle to lose weight. Read N.A. Rashid’s previous entries here.

Taking a step back to assess how the past four weeks have gone, I am happy that I have come so far. I can say that I am 30 percent closer to achieving my intended weight loss goal. I am also delighted to have developed and learned a healthier way to live.

But at the same time, there is still a hidden sadness existing in my heart. This is because I didn’t fully achieve the 8kg weight loss goal I had set for this month. I only lost 3 kg. Because my diet and exercise regime fluctuated, I lost less weight.

Positive indicators

But there are other changes afoot.

It is becoming easier not to slip and sabotage myself by overeating. My spirituality is at its peak and I have a strong belief that Allah is sending me His help from everywhere.

I have learned to organize my home and myself this month and plan to maintain the order. I have the world’s best diet and exercise plan, given to me by my physical trainer, and I am following it.

I now love to exercise through a combination of fast walking, body shaping and strengthening. I no longer feel any more back pain or body aches. Day by day, my pace of walking is getting faster. I don’t experience shortness of breath anymore while walking.

I try hard to avoid fast food and think nutritional thoughts before eating anything. Admittedly, I am not 100 percent compliant with my diet regimen but I try my best to eat healthy.

My fruit bowl is always full of colorful produce. I enjoy eating fruits and try to feel its taste in every single bite. By sticking to a healthy diet plan, my cravings have lessened in intensity, but not yet fully subsided.

I am still working on FLAB (which is to not eat when I am frustrated, lonely, anxious and bored). I am not successful as I am still an emotional eater.

My daily water intake in 1 liter and I need to up this to 2 liters at least.

I have achieved minor success and I am hoping for a major success in this month. Prayers needed.


Credit: Photo by Paola Kizette Cimenti

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