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Monday, January 24, 2022

One year on, Qatar remembers fallen Jazeera cameraman


It’s been one year since the death of Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Hasan Al Jaber in an ambush near Benghazi, Libya. Three men are in custody for his murder, but have yet to stand trial under the new regime.

Jaber, a Qatari journalist, was widely viewed as a martyr during the uprising that eventually led to Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s demise. 

Today, his colleagues mark the anniversary of his death with memories and condolences, as well as questions and calls for justice.

To read more about Al Jaber’s life, career and death, see the Doha Centre for Media Freedom’s special report here

Included in the coverage is a letter from Beiba Ould M’hadi, an Al Jazeera reporter who was with Al Jaber when their vehicle was attacked.

M’hadi writes:

Suddenly the car violently jolted under a round of bullets which were fired by unknown assailant – our driver said they were two assailants.

Three bullets pierced your body and another one hit Naser Al-Haddar, causing him a light injury on his ear. A fourth bullet hit the rear tyre, blowing it.

Could you please forgive me for I didn’t know that you were hit when I asked you to film the incident. It’s true I heard your reciting the “Shahada”, but my request was just a spontaneous reaction of a war reporter who was keen to take shots of an ambush set up for him and his crew….

Do you know that those who have taken away your soul have in fact given it life in the millions of people who embrace your message and that several Aljazeera facilities, streets and a Brigade in Libya, all bear your name now?

Read the full letter here.

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