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Pearl-Qatar residents plead for solution to late-night ‘joy-riding’ nuisance



“Pearl Hell.” That’s how one Pearl-Qatar resident describes his experience with the excessive engine noise from drivers “joy-riding” near his home, often late into the night.

In an echo of the scenario portrayed in British documentary Millionaire Boy Racers,” which focused on Khaleeji men who drive their super cars noisily around London’s streets, many Pearl-Qatar residents have taken to social media outlets to complain about noise pollution from luxury cars and motorbikes on the man-made island. 

The gripes were revived this week in a post on Qatar Living by commenter Steve. Doha News has found that his view is shared by many residents.

A video of the engine revving shared with DN by one resident.

The noise has caused many sleepless nights, said Pearl resident Habiba Iqbal:

“We are in Tower 1, and my little one is constantly kept awake at night as late as 1 or 2am in the morning. One night a couple of weeks ago we had noise at 2:30am! I can’t wait to get out of here because of it.”

It is unclear exactly who comes to the Pearl to joyride, but one resident who requested anonymity said that the noise near her tower often comes from motorcyclists, not cars.

I can see clearly that the noise is from a group on motorbikes. I once caught two of them under my tower in the dark wrapping their faces with scarves. There is also a big group of about five on these horrendous 3-wheeled motorbikes that can rev so loudly the noise is ear-piercing and they screech around the car park next to the mosque likes its a free for all race track.” 

Former resident Samantha Brydon says she moved away from the Pearl to escape the noise. 

When we first moved in it was weekends only and pretty bad. Then we noticed it got so even during the week. Our twins are not great sleepers and the extra waking it caused them was too frustrating. A couple of residents including myself lodged complaints at the office about a year ago. Nothing happened.”

Still, United Development Company, which operates the Pearl-Qatar, told Doha News that it takes residents’ complaints “very seriously.” In a statement, UDC Director of Corporate Communications Roger Dagher said:

“We have discussed their complaints and concerns with the Doha Police. We will continue to follow up with the authorities on this.

All traffic related matters fall under Police jurisdiction and not The Pearl-Qatar. We are hopeful the matter will be resolved positively and will keep you informed about developments on this.”

Do you live on the Pearl? Have you experienced the noise these residents are reporting?

Credit: Photo by Mr Zeon for illustrative purposes only

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