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Phone getting boring? Here are the top five Apple arcade games


Tired of going from on social media app to another, here are some of the best arcade games to add a little excitement to your screen time!

In 2019, Apple announced its gaming subscription service ‘Apple Arcade’ – a selection  of games playable on iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Apple TV devices. The majority of the games feature controller support so you can even play with PS4 and Xbox controllers.

Conveniently, Apple Arcade games has a dedicated tab in the App Store. The service costs $4.99/month, giving you unlimited access to all of its games. Apple Arcade games are not allowed to serve ads or in-app purchases, meaning you won’t need to spend any additional money beyond the subscription cost.

With over 150 games available, it could be hard to figure out where to begin. So, we’ve gathered our top five Apple Arcade games that we think you’ll enjoy too!

1- Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game like no other. Its developers describe it as a “pop album video game”. After playing the game in its entirety, we completely agree.

The game is split into many levels with different controls and play-styles. This varies from running, skateboarding, driving a car, and others. While some levels borrow styles from previous levels, others introduce entirely new controls. This keeps the game entertaining as no two levels are the same.

The music and visuals in Sayonara Wild Hearts are incredible too. Each level features a unique soundtrack that syncs with the visuals of the game. Once you’ve completed the game, you unlock “album mode” which lets you play through all the levels in one go as if you’re listening to a music album.

While Sayonara Wild Hearts proved to be a unique experience for gaming on the iPhone, to truly appreciate the visuals, I would recommend playing it with a controller on iPad, Macbook, or Apple TV. You can download Sayonara Wild Hearts on Apple Arcade for free.

2- Grindstone


If you’re after a quick game to fill in the gaps between your day, I recommend you check out Grindstone.

The game’s controls are fairly simple: slide your finger on monsters with the same colour to kill them and drop new ones onto the screen. After killing a certain number of monsters, the cave’s door is unlocked, and you can make your way to the next level. Various skills and armours are unlocked throughout the game. Mixing and matching between them correctly will make it easier to complete the harder levels.

Games on Apple Arcade are not allowed to serve ads or sell in-app purchases. This separates Grindstone from games such as Candy Crush that rely on micro-transactions. As a result, you’ll find that all levels have a fair difficulty level where you don’t need to spend extra money to “cheat” your way to victory.

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While Grindstone is playable on Macbook and Apple TV, it is recommend to be played on a touchscreen device for a more enjoyable experience. You should also consider playing it on an iPhone to enjoy the game on the go. You can download Grindstone on Apple Arcade for free.

3- Stela


Stela is a highly engaging action game where you play as a woman witnessing the world come to an end. This action-filled game features a cinematic experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

As you run through the terrain, you’ll face various puzzles that are fun to solve. You’ll need to hide from beasts and run as fast as you can when necessary. Despite getting stuck on some of the puzzles, we found that most of them are intuitively solved. You should be able to play through the whole game without requiring a walkthrough.

Stela was one of the most captivating games we’ve played on Apple Arcade. The binge-able experience and suspenseful soundtrack will surely keep you hooked as you play your way through the game.

We highly recommend playing Stela with a controller on a large screen, whether that’s an Apple TV or a Macbook connected to your TV. Having said that, just like with all other Apple Arcade games, the game is also playable on iPhone and iPad. You can download Stela on Apple Arcade for free.

4- Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch

You know how you’ve always thought: what would I do if I were a Sasquatch, or more commonly known as Bigfoot, living in a US national park? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. In Sneaky Sasquatch, you play as a Sasquatch living in a US national park!

The story here is the park is about to be sold, and you need to collect all nine parts of a map to find treasure and save the park.

It might take a few minutes to get a grasp of the game. You need to sneak around people and park rangers, stealing food from their barbecues, and hiding out to eat it without getting caught.

The game is a lot more than that though. You can go skiing, fishing, take part in go-kart races, and play golf. These activities are all required as you collect all nine pieces of the treasure map.

After playing Sneaky Sasquatch, it became clear why the game won Apple’s award for the best Apple Arcade game in 2020.

Sneaky Satsquatch is fun to play for all age groups making it an ideal family game. The game is available on all of Apple’s Arcade platforms and I found it to be equally enjoyable on all of them. You can download Sneaky Sasquatch on Apple Arcade for free.

5- Neversong


Neversong is the most spooky, thrilling and emotional game that we’ve played on Apple Arcade. 

The game starts with what feels like a creepy looping nightmare. Once you’ve figured out what to do to escape it, the real game begins.

You play as Peet, a boy that just woke from a coma after his girlfriend, Wren, was kidnapped. Upon waking up, you realise that all the adults have left town to search for Wren. Peet decides to go find Wren for himself.

Everything in the game, from the visuals to the soundtrack, is incredibly chilling. You solve puzzles throughout the game as you search for Wren, and you’ll also meet a few kids that’ll give you hints and tips.

Throughout the game, Peet discovers more and more about himself too. The storyline in Neversong is highly captivating, keeping you engaged throughout the game. As you approach the end, the story will get even more thrilling.

If you’re looking for a game to play with your family, you should probably stick to Sneaky Sasquatch for now. But, if you’re looking for a game to send chills through your bones, you certainly should play Neversong.

We believe Neversong is best played with a controller on a large screen such as a Macbook or Apple TV. However, the game’s also available on iPhone and iPad. You can download Neversong on Apple Arcade for free.

These are the top five games that we enjoyed playing on Apple Arcade. These are a lot of other games that we enjoyed too. What are your favourite Apple Arcade games? 

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