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PHOTOS: El Jaish beats Lekhwiya in shoot-out for Qatar Cup


All photos courtesy of El Jaish Sports Club on Facebook

El Jaish became the nation’s first football club to win the inaugural Qatar Cup last night after defeating Lekhwiya in a sudden death penalty shoot-out.

The two teams were neck and neck throughout the entire game, and the score was tied 1-1 when the clock ran out.

But El Jaish beat out its competitor during the shoot-out, winning the finals 4-3. The team was presented trophies by Sheikh Joann bin Hamad Al Thani.

Did you watch the match? Thoughts?


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7 years ago

if there was one piece of news the qatari public can vote on to be the least cared about .. it would be this.. it’s really sad to see the state of the local teams…. there was a time when a match would draw at least 10 to 15k spectators.. when the spectators knew the players.. they were either family, classmates or a friend of a friend.. they were qatari born and breed… today… i can’t even name one player who played in what used to be my fav team… our football, like our education was good.. then it was decided let’s fix it by relaying on others… both will need ten years time to repair to just bring it back to the same level to what it used be a decade ago..

7 years ago

GOD DAMN IT! Lekhwiya and El Jaish are the newest clubs in Qatar and already they are winning all the trophies. How? Lol well they are the most funded clubs by the government since they are in fact government clubs. Imagine a team called “The Army” or “The Police” in the Premier League or La liga…lol get rekt lekhwiya

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