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Friday, January 28, 2022

PHOTOS: Fog enfolding parts of Qatar marks beginning of winter


Early risers in Qatar woke up to a misty city this morning, as fog enveloped parts of the country. According to the Meteorology Department, the misty conditions are caused in the wintertime because of low nighttime temperatures and high humidity.

A forecaster told Doha News:

“There is a light northwest wind, and formation of fog happens in the continent and may moves east to the airport and other areas.”

The Doha International Airport, however, has said it’s having no trouble with flights.

The MET added that decreased visibility on the roads is also expected tomorrow morning, and urged caution from about midnight tonight to 6am on Sunday.

According to Gulf News, drivers should make sure to use their fog lights when on the road – and keep their hazards off.

“Police have repeatedly warned motorists that the use of hazard lights while driving through fog is incorrect and dangerous. The purpose of hazard lights is to inform other drivers that your car has stopped.

Also, a driver cannot indicate whether he or she is switching lanes if the hazard lights are turned on. Fog lights, not hazard lights, are appropriate to use in foggy weather.”

Here are some photos from community members. What did you see when you woke up?

Note: This article has been updated to reflect that fog lights, and not hazard lights, are appropriate for use on the roads during misty conditions.


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8 years ago

Google Now is also giving me a haze warning
Very happy 🙂

8 years ago

How nice 🙂 But you never, ever use hazard lights during fog, unless there’s something wrong with your car. Stick to using headlights and fog lights

Shane West
Shane West
8 years ago

Was caught up in the fog driving to Al-Khor early morning. I don’t understand why people switch on their hazards and drive

8 years ago

The problem will be, that having found where the fog lamp switch is, many on our roads will leave them on, preferring
the additional means of dazzling other drivers. As for indicating to change lanes?? I thought my car was the only one in Doha actually equipped with indicators!

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