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PHOTOS: Japanese architect unveils design for tower cooled by waterfalls


A renowned Japanese architect has unveiled two new concept proposals, including of a commercial complex and a tower cooled by a series of waterfalls, that appeared to be designed for Doha.

The proposals are the brainchild of Sou Fujimoto‘s, who has a history of designing structures that are “in between” opposing concepts such as nature and architecture.

The first new proposal is a retail project called Souk Mirage/Particles of Light, which would consist of arches stacked on top of each other, apparently designed to mimic the silhouette made by Bedouin tents. That complex would include retail, residential, and office space, as well as courtyards and a plaza, states design website Fast Company.

His second proposal is a structure called Outlook Tower, which is to be located on a waterfront and designed to look from a distance like a mirage. It would be cooled by the mist of several waterfalls flowing from the top of the building.

dezeen magazine quotes Fujimoto architects as explaining:

“By incorporating multiple waterfalls, instead of one large [waterfall], different mountains of water are created feeding the avenue. There will be a wide range [of] waterfalls; smaller on the top to prevent any interference from the wind and larger towards the bottom to create evaporative cooling.”

For Qatar?

The designs have been set in an “anonymous Middle Eastern city,” but the Souk Mirage project proposal is to be located between Education City and Financial Center.

Renderings, however, show various iconic Qatar landmarks in the background, including buildings in the the Dafna/West Bay district and the Corniche. That means other location possibilities could include in Lusail and on Palm Island.

The proposal also makes reference of a Bedouin heritage:

“In order to activate this portion of the site as well as to create a new landmark in the city, the project proposes not only low rise development, but a higher development, visible from far around. At an urban scale, the shape of the buildings is inspired by the harmonious silhouette of traditional Bedouin tents, anchoring the whole site in this city’s cultural heritage.”

It is unclear whether these designs were commissioned by Qatar or whether Fujimoto simply came up with them.



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