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PHOTOS: Pearl-Qatar IMAX cinema to open on July 28


All photos by Elysia Windrum

The Pearl-Qatar is set to open its first cinema on Monday morning, July 28, just in time for Eid al-Fitr, staff at the building told Doha News on Thursday.

The $10 million standalone movie theater complex has 12 screens, including Qatar’s second IMAX screen (after Villaggio mall’s cinema) and a VIP theater.

Originally slated to open in 2012, the complex, which is operated by Novo Cinemas, has seen a series of delays since then.

For the past few months, representatives from Gulf Film have promised an imminent opening. But it’s possible that the complex, which is next to the new, recently opened Spinney’s grocery store in Medina Centrale, faced the same difficulties as its neighbor in getting Civil Defense approvals.

According to a manager at the Pearl complex, the all-clear signal was given only recently. Speaking to Doha News, he said:

“Things are crazy at the moment. We were only told last Friday that the cinema needs to be ready to open on 28th. Everyone is rushing around to get the work done. Before then we had no choice but to just sit on everything.”

Movie details

Like the rest of the country’s cinemas, the Pearl’s movie theater plans to air movies in a variety of languages. Staff working at the tickets booths there said the cinema would open around 9am on Monday morning, and that theater listings would soon be posted online on its website and Facebook page.

“Everything you see in this cinema is the same quality as all of our Novo Cinemas. Everything from the private VIP lounges down to the food and beverage, is of the same standard,” the manager said.

The Pearl is Novo Cinemas’ fifteenth location and is the first to be established in Qatar. The new cinema is part of a partnership between IMAX Corp. and Gulf Film, which has previously announced that three new IMAX theaters would be built across the Gulf.

In 2012, Doha-based Q.media acquired Gulf Films, and has announced plans to open dozens more theaters in Qatar over the next three years. That includes a site in Al Khor and a huge cinema complex in the northern part of the country.

Do you plan to visit the new cinema this Eid? Thoughts?


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Peter Draper
Peter Draper
7 years ago

please tell me it comes with mobile phone blockers built into each theatre….. please…….

Inas Abu Alsaud
Inas Abu Alsaud
7 years ago
Reply to  Peter Draper

i hope so too!

Expat Girl
Expat Girl
7 years ago

So now I get to watch overly censored (with poor cutting/editing) movies in IMAX….YAY?? Count me out.

7 years ago

Don’t see the point of a large screen. Cinemas here are for general social chit chat. Has anyone seen a film here without being interrupted by someone else using their phone? The iPhone 6 is out soon so expect extra loud ringtones and lots of people trying out the 100+ ringtones while were watching a film.

7 years ago

I just wonder how does the economics work with all these movie theaters. I have seen multiple times, the halls are running as good as empty (a presence of less than 15 viewers in a hall capacity of nearly 100 is as good as empty). This is the situation on the weekends, imagine the weekdays. Where would these new theaters get their audience from and what would be the revenue model? It is also important to bring in the economic divide. While the industrial area which has the largest bachelor population who seek entertainment more than households has now been provided with only one (and that too recently) venue, most of these are in upscale malls where the prices are either too high or there are restrictions on bachelors entering them on weekends when anybody would generally have time.

So who are these upscale, prized, branded, etc. etc. theaters aimed at?

7 years ago

It’s nice to have all these theaters but what’s the point if they all play the same movies (which are badly censored and edited by people who hate movies).

When I go to the movies I don’t choose the movie with the big leather chairs or biggest screen, I choose the movie I want to see and since they are all playing the same movies I might as well go to the one closer to my house and not suffer the traffic at the pearl.

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