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PHOTOS: Qatar’s desert, a makeshift zoo


All photos by Ray Toh

Qatar resident Ray Toh, who has been on a nature kick and recently visited Irkaya Farm, has also just spent some time photographing wildlife in Qatar’s desert.

When asked about the experience, Toh, who went near the Saudi-Qatar border with a friend he called an expert on the local environment, told Doha News:

“It was amazing as many residents here think that Qatar is a boring place without much life. They just have to explore, as there are many hidden treasures.”

He added, “Qatar has no zoo now but Qatar is like a safari, if you explore the desert.”

His advice for would-be explorers includes devising a plan by looking at Google Maps and other online resources; packing enough food and water for the trip; and then driving to the desert.

For those who want to dive further into the experience, Toh suggests night vision glasses – his expert friend told him they can help to identify footprints of foxes, rats and birds in the desert.



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6 years ago

Looks like fun. It would be nice to create some nature trails and best routes that amateurs like myself can follow 🙂

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