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PHOTOS: Road closures taking effect on parts of C-Ring Road


All photos by Chantelle D’mello

Following an announcement that C-Ring Road near Ramada signal would be undergoing an overhaul over the next five months, Ashghal workers could be seen setting up traffic barriers in the area this morning.

The construction is phase four of the public works authority’s C-Ring overhaul plan, and was supposed to take place next year.

It was moved up to start on Friday, Aug. 15, but this morning, Ramada signal to La Cigale intersection appeared completely free of any diversions.

However, C-Ring from New Salata intersection (near the former Al Andalus petrol station) to Holiday Villa signal has been reduced from three lanes to two.

Construction also appeared to be ready to start from the Ramada signal to the Centre roundabout, which will be converted into a signalized intersection.

In an email to Doha News, an Ashghal spokesperson said, “Due to permissions from the traffic department the closures were delayed by one day but implementation started yesterday already.”

New traffic signals and an additional lane are expected to be installed from New Salata intersection to Kinana intersection (just before La Cigale Hotel), and from the Centre Roundabout to just before Al Asiri intersection.

Meanwhile, phase one of the C-Ring project, which began in May and focused on Umm Ghuwailina (VIP Roundabout) to halfway between Toyota and Gulf Cinema signals, is expected to be completed by next month.

Residents have expressed apprehension about the new works, which is being conducted on one of the busiest parts of C-Ring Road, largely because it commences shortly before schools resume in September.

In a comment on Doha News story announcing the new construction last week, Deepak Babu said:

“It’s not enough that that they have dug up and made a mess of the phase 1 part near from the Gulf Cinema Signal till the old arrivals airport, now they will dig up the Ramada Junction also. Couldn’t they finish one mess before starting the other atleast? Phase 1 was quoted to be over in 3 months. I really doubt the current mess is considered ‘almost complete.'”

However, commenter QMR argued:

“Happy to see Ashghal is getting it done. They have been performing small miracles with the removal of the roundabouts and now they are addressing the traffic lights that take forever to change to green. As a western expat, I am impressed by the speed of the projects and the actions taken. Yeah the corniche was a pain during the roundabout removals but I am happy they did it.”

Do you expect the construction to affect you? Thoughts?


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Saeed Ahmad Khan
Saeed Ahmad Khan
7 years ago

I agree to mr simpson. Finish one phase and then start the next

Big Biker
Big Biker
7 years ago

I’m really hoping as Qmr says they sort out the timing of the lights. The problem from ramada lights to center roundabout congestion is the long timing on the lights from red to green and back. Also can someone tell us whether the authorities employ a specialist traffic management company to advise on phasing of lights, whether traffic lights are better than roundabouts etc.

Christopher Lavelle
Christopher Lavelle
7 years ago
Reply to  Big Biker

In urban planning studies, roundabouts have been shown to be much more efficient than traffic lights for low and medium volumes of traffic. The problems arise when too much traffic comes from one or two directions. In addition to this they also require people to abide by the laws of the road. Though in northern Europe you see all sort of adaptation -slip roads, right turns being separate lane, traffic lights on a roundabout.

Ahmed A
Ahmed A
7 years ago

I think getting this done once and for all is better. Those asking for delays of finishing one part before starting the next just means the whole project will take longer. I agree in the need to phase, but I think having a slight overlap of say one month between the phases is good. And means we have to deal with the whole headache in 4 fewer months.

Post the completion of the Corniche, and the Qatar Sports Club and University roundabouts, and the current work on the ALmarkhiya and Duhail conversions my faith in Ashghal with conversions has been renewed. Still not so sure about though the execution on more ‘complicated’ projects.

Deepak Babu
Deepak Babu
7 years ago

I saw a 3 vehicle accident there at 7p.m. yesterday. A truck decided to hit the car in front and push it onto the next car in front. Maybe they could restrict Heavy Motor Vehicles atleast during this construction time. Might ease the traffic problems a little in the congested temporary 2 lane areas without proper road markings.

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