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Thursday, January 20, 2022

PHOTOS: Sandstorm swirls through Qatar


You’re not the only one who’s having trouble seeing Doha’s skyline. According to a forecaster at the Qatar Meteorology Department, the country is in the middle of a sandstorm that is expected to last until this evening.

On Twitter, the Ministry of Interior’s Arabic handle is urging caution on the roads as windy conditions decrease visibility.

Speaking to Doha News, a MET forecaster said winds would abate a bit tomorrow. There will also be a chance of scattered rain across the country starting Tuesday, she added.

Tomorrow should also bring some relief on the heat front. According to Steff Gaulter, senior meteorologist at Al Jazeera English, today was Doha’s hottest day of 2014 so far:

Gaulter told Doha News that the last sandstorm in Qatar was two weeks ago, on March 12 – at that time, visibility was 1.1km. She adds:

Meanwhile, Weather.com is forecasting slightly cooler temperatures for the rest of the week, with highs from 29C to 32C (86F to 90F), and more chances for rain.

For those who are new to sandstorms, it’s important to take care around all that dust. Here are six tips to cope with this kind of weather.



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7 years ago

Bad for the lungs – especially kids. Is there a PM10 rating reported anywhere?

7 years ago
Reply to  AEC

Don’t think there is one, at least I cannot find a real-time one here in Qatar. Get yourself a stack of FFP3 dust masks if you are concerned. Remember just a cloth wont help as cloth is generally not woven tightly enough to cut out particulates.

Silicosis is a concern for long term exposure to dust…

7 years ago

Is it coincidence or the weather is just trying to mess with us … it rains for a day, not enough to wash the car but just enough to dirty the car, so you wait for a day to make sure no more rain is on the way, then you get the car washed only to find sand storm covering your car with sand … exciting.

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