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Monday, October 25, 2021

PHOTOS: Souq Waqif in silence


While many residents know Souq Waqif only as a crowded, bustling bazaar, amateur photographer Aju George Chris recently visited the popular spot in the middle of the night, when all was quiet. Here, he explains the memorable experience:

Inspiration for photo walks comes to me at all times, at all strange places and times. The idea for this “Souq in silence” series idea struck while I was sipping hot ginger tea at 2:30am at the Al Bidda Park’s iconic all-rolled-into-one food shop.

The park, usually filled to the brim with happy children and exasperated parents, stood eerily empty and silent.

That got me thinking about the other Doha, the city when it sleeps. I felt there was a certain beauty in documenting busy marketplaces while it lay in slumber.

So if you’re still awake at 3am today, and as sleepless as I was that day, go to Souq Waqif and take a stroll. Let the cool winds caress you and let the silence wash over you. Chances are, it’ll truly be a walk to remember.



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