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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

PHOTOS: Starry night in Qatar


The stars might be hard to see inside the city of Doha, but those who drive far enough away from the lights can enjoy a beautiful night sky.

These shots were taken in the northern part of the country, in an old fisherman’s village called Al Jemail, according to photographer Antony Satheesh.

Notably, the abandoned town is now private property, states Qatar University.

But one blogger suggests alternative towns to explore:

“Besides Al Jemail, there are two other most prominent settlements along the north coast of Qatar: Al Khuwair and Al Areesh. Both of them can be found down the road to Zubara from Al Jemail.”



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8 years ago

I go down Salwa Road out of Doha all the way to just before the border check point with Saudi. The beach there, exit 84 is actually nice, and there are a few camp sites as well as some beach houses. Swimming after sunset can be quite an experience, especially on a full-moon nights 🙂

8 years ago

Great pictures, you have not truly lived until you have seen a clear nights sky without light polution. Sadly there are few places left in the world where this is truly possible now.

8 years ago

at home in Ireland I could always see the stars, it is yet another thing to get used to living in Doha

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