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Monday, October 18, 2021

PHOTOS: The Ramadan car show on the Corniche


All photos by Lance Cenar 

The annual Ramadan tradition of cruising the Corniche continues this year, with Qataris and other residents of all ages getting in on the action.

According to lore, the tradition got started decades ago when drivers used to circle the Ramadan cannon while waiting for the signal that it was time to break the fast.

Now, the cannon sits in the parking lot near the post office, and locals flock to the Corniche hours before iftar time to show off their cars, socialize and enjoy general camaraderie.

Last year, prominent Qatari psychologist Dr. Moza Al Malki said men participate in the practice because “they have nothing to do.”

“So instead of praying and reading the Holy Quran many of them venture out of their homes and take part in such activities.”

But this year, it looks like there are even some female drivers and children enjoying the parade as well. Traffic jams have ensued, but our photographer said he didn’t see any at iftar time yesterday, because one lane is left open for through traffic.



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7 years ago

Any prospect of prosecutions for lack of seatbelts, lack of crash helmets on motorcyclists or children standing on seats popping out of sun roofs? I really do not see that this parade is a topic to be celebrated.

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