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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Police arrest slain elderly woman’s maid in botched burglary plot


In a new twist, police have arrested the maid of an 82-year-old Qatari woman who was killed last week during an attempted burglary, saying she was the mastermind behind a failed burglary attempt, local media reports.

Using “psychological tactics,” police said they interviewed the maid until she broke down and confessed, turning in two men also involved in the crime.

Those men also reportedly confessed to killing the elderly New Salata woman, saying they had intended only to rob the widow’s house.

Gulf Times reports:

“On the night of the incident the maid telephoned them around 2am to inform them that the lady of the house was alone and sleeping in her bedroom. They immediately reached the house and entered the main room after breaking open the gate. They hurriedly began to search for valuables in every room and were aiming at the cabinet in which the lady had kept her expensive jewels,” sources (in the Criminal Investigation department) said.

“However, the Qatari woman woke up because of the noise and confronted them but they struck her with a knife on her neck. After confirming that she was dead they pushed her bleeding body to the bathroom and hurriedly collected whatever they could and fled,” the sources said.

“Before leaving they inflicted some minor bruises on the maid to create the impression that she resisted them.”

Anyone know more?

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