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Poll: Who’s a bigger menace on Qatar’s roads?


Drunken driving, driving without a license and speeding recklessly are among the top causes of road accidents in Qatar, a senior traffic department official has said.

The Peninsula reports:

(Captain Muqueem Al Khayarin said) some 16 to 18 cases of violations of traffic rules are received on a daily basis and a majority of them involve breaching speed limits.

Violations like motorists driving at speeds more than 180km are taken very seriously because that can endanger the life of the motorist and those of others, Al Khayarin (said).

As usual, while driving in Qatar last week, I was terrorized by speedsters who couldn’t wait to get around me, in such a huge rush to get to the red light ahead of us. 

But I also have become increasingly aware of and frustrated by the turtle drivers – the ones who go 20kph or more below the speed limit, who slow down the flow of traffic and who endanger other drivers by forcing them to suddenly hit the brakes.

So I wonder who is worse – the speeding roadster or the slow-paced snail? Tell us your thoughts in this poll! And leave a comment explaining your rationale. We’ll tweet some of the best responses.

(Poll closes on Tuesday!)

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