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Monday, October 25, 2021

Popular vlogger Nas Daily attacks Al Jazeera after ‘Israel whitewashing’ claims


The controversial content creator attacked Al Jazeera for what he claimed was the network spreading ‘fake news’.

Israeli-Palestinian video blogger Nas Daily took to social media to share a six-minute video to millions of his followers asking for their support against the Al Jazeera media network.

“I cannot believe this is happening to us. This is fake news targeted at us by the government,” said Nuseir Yassin, founder of Nas Daily.

Yassin’s video came in response to a piece released by AJ+ Arabi on September 16, criticising his ‘Nas Academy’ programme, which aims to recruit 80 Arab content creators to learn about visual storytelling under the guidance of an Israeli team.

The head of the training, Yonatan Belik, has served in the Israeli army, including in a public relations role encouraging Israelis in high school to serve in the military, which has killed thousands of Palestinians. Nas Academy is also reportedly supported by the UAE’s New Media Academy, a digital training institution.

In the AJ+ video, Mahmoud Nawajaa, the general coordinator of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), said that Nas Daily was a “soft facade” of over 70 years of illegal Israeli occupation. The Palestinian expert described the programme as another form of normalisation.

Yassin responded in his video by claiming that Al Jazeera, as a whole, is spreading fake news and that it has targeted him specifically using false accusations against his platform.

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In his video, he claimed that no one knows that Al Jazeera is a government-backed news organisation and that it is a hidden fact from the public, despite the network branding itself as state-funded. Yassin also criticised Meem Magazine, a Tunisian-owned publication.

“Al Jazeera or its affiliates in another country put government money to spread fake news against an individual,” he alleged in his most recent video.

Yassin however failed to address the allegations that his content whitewashes Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

His videos have constantly promoted pro-apartheid propaganda which have, on many occasions been criticised by the public, including the leading pro-Palestine Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement.

Just ‘a piece of land’

Despite denying claims his content is linked to politics, Yassin’s videos have glorified Israel on many occasions, opting to show its “successes” while hiding its continuous violation of human rights against Palestinians.

In a one-minute explainer about the founding of Israel, he said that he chose to accept the borders imposed on Palestinians because “in life there are better and bigger things to focus on than the name of a piece of land”.

Israel already occupies at least 80 percent of Palestinian land illegally, in clear violation of the United Nation’s International Law.

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But the occupation goes beyond control of land.

For decades, Palestinians have been displaced around the world, with thousands residing in refugee camps and many generations growing up without ever stepping foot in their home country. Meanwhile, the Israeli-Palestinian content creator is free to travel back and forth using his Israeli passport.

Palestinians also wake up to find Israeli soldiers in their homes, with families being taken to prison for fighting for their rights. Families are also forced to demolish their own homes and, if they attempt to resist the Israeli order, occupying forces will proceed with the demolition while asking the families to pay them for their “services”.

Additionally, farmers cannot access water to irrigate their lands with Israel controlling most aquifers and demanding money in return for Palestinians’ usage of their own sources. Electricity has also been limited, with residents in Gaza struggling to receive electricity, affecting hospital operations.

Moreover, the Palestinian culture is being erased by Israel as part of the ethnic cleansing of illegally occupied land.

Despite this bleak reality, many continue to criticise Nas for failing to shed a light on his peoples suffering, instead opting to use his platform to promote those guilty of perpetrating it.

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