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Preliminary list of Shura Council election nominees revealed


Over 300 Qataris have been named on the preliminary list of Shura Council nominees ahead of the elections in October.

The preliminary list of candidates for Qatar’s Shura Council elections have been announced, just weeks ahead of the historic vote.

Over 300 candidates from 30 electoral circles were named on the list. To be eligible for nomination, candidates must be originally Qatari and aged 30 and above by the closing date of the nomination. They must also be fluent in reading and writing in Arabic.

If the first requirements were met, nominees then need to be registered in their electoral district and must then continue to maintain good reputation and conduct while keeping their criminal record clean.

Those who hold ministerial and military positions – state, judicial bodies, ministers of state, Central Municipal Council – cannot nominate themselves.

Candidates working at ministries or other government entities whose names are included in the final lists of candidates are given unpaid leave throughout the elections if they do not have a sufficient leave balance.


For electoral district one, Ibrahim Saleh Abdullah AlKhelaifi and Abdulrahman Yousef Abdulrahman Al Khelaifi were named.

District two saw three nominees, one of which was CEO of semi-governmental petrochemical company,SEEF Limited, Ahmed Hitmi Al Hitmi and Milaha and Al Meera board member, Hitmi Ali Khalifa Al Hitmi. The third nominee was Ahmed Khalifa Al Binali.

The third district had 18 nominees and featured three women, including Hissa Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Maryam Abdullah Al Sulaiti, and Moza Mohammed Al Sulaiti. Many members of the Al Sulaiti family were also listed in district 3.

District four saw four nominees, among which were Issa Ahmed Issa Al Nasr and Ahmed Hussein Al Jahni among the candidate nominees.

District five named only Hassan Abdullah Ghanim AlMaadeed as a nominee, the smallest batch of them all. District six saw five nominees, including Khalid Ghanim Al Maadeed, Issa Thani Al Maadeed, and Ahmed Khalifa Al Asiri.

District seven had 15 nominees, including one woman, Mariam Kamal al Muslemani, while district eight also featured another woman, Arab International Academy board member, Amal Ahmed Al Subaie, and six members of the Al Suwaidi family.

District nine had 10 nominees, among them Khalid Yousef al-Mulla, Mohammed Hamad Al Obaidli, and Fatma Mohammed Al Jaber.

The tenth district featured 10 nominees, most of which were from the Al Emadi family, with the exceptions of Just Real Estate Chairman Nasser Hassan Al Ansari and Qatari journalist and columnist, AbdulAziz Ibrahim Al Ishaq.

District 11 had 11 nominees, of them were Al Maha Jassim Al Majid and Lolwa Ammar Al Khazaie. District 12 featured 16 names, including Aisha Hamam Al Jassim and Naima Abdelwahab Al Mutawa.

District 13 had seven nominees, of them were Mohammed Turki Al Turki, Mohammad Yousef Al Mana, and Khalid Mubarak Al Dulaimi.

District 14 sees only three nominees: Saeed Yousef Al Burshaid, Abdullah Ahmed Al Ibrahim, and Mohammed Muftah Al Muftah.

District 15 had 10 nominees, of them were Amna Bilal Al Qubaisi, Mohammed Fahad Al Khater, and Jamal Ali Al Bounein.

District 16 was the largest of all districts and featured 22 nominees. Mubaraka Hamad Al Massoud, Ali Saeed Al Marri, and Rashid Saeed Al Athba were among those named.

The 17th district saw Mansour Mohammed Al Qahtani, Fatma Abdullah Al Abdullah, and Lina Nasser Al Dafa among a list of 13.

40 women submit nominations for Qatar’s Shura Council elections

District 18 only had three nominees: Chairman of Al Attiya Motors and Trading Company Abdulaziz Mohammed AlAttiyah, Ali Shbeib Al Attiyah and Fahad Mansoor Al Ali.

District 19 had 15 nominees, including Ali Nasser Al Humeidi, Mohammed Fahad AlMuslim, and Mohammed Abdulmohsen Al Khalidi.

Onto district 20 which featured 20 nominees, including Ghanim Ibrahim Al Muhannadi, Laila Nasser Al Hayl, and Amal Issa Al Muhannadi. District 21 featured nominees all from the Al Kaabi family, including Saad Issa Al Kaabi, Nasser Abdullah Al Kaabi, and Fahad Rashed AlKaabi.

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District 22 featured the most female nominees, and named Aisha Jassim Al Kuwari, Fatma Ahmed Al Kuwari, Muna Sabah Al Kuwari, Muneera Issa Al Kuwari, and Khulood Sultan Al Kuwari among the nominees.

The 23rd district had 12 nominees, including Abdullah Tajer AlSada, Hussein Issa Al Fadala, and Jamal Mohammed Al Sada.

District 24 had eight nominees, all of which were from the Mannai family. This included Salah Sultan Al Mannai, Nadia Hamad Al Mannai, and Nawaf Rashed Al Mannai.

District 25 had 11 nominees, all from the Kubaisi family. This included Fatma Ghanim Al Kubaisi, Jassim Mohammed Al Kubaisi, and Ali Nasser Al Kubaisi.

The 26th district named six nominees, all from the Nuaimi family, including Mashael Hassan Al Nuaimi, Rashid Nasser Al Nuaimi, and Hassan Ali Al Nuaimi.

District 27 only had three nominees: Sultan Hassan Al Dosari, Sheikha Matar Al Dosari and Mubarak Sultan Al Dosari.

The 28th district saw 13 nominees, of them were Mohammed Mubarak Al Ameri, Hassan Ali Al Mansouri, and Fahad Saad Al Otaibi.

District 29 had 10 nominees, including Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Hajri, Ghanim Abdullah Al Khayaren, and Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri.

The 30th and final district named nine nominees, of which Abdullah Hamad Al Mureikhi, Jaber Saad Al Hababi, and Abdulhadi Ali Al Sahli were named.

The Ministry of Interior will accept grievances and objections to any of the 300 candidates on the list from Tuesday up until 2 September.

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