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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Qatar Charity helps treat mycetoma patients in Sudan


The charity‘s support for the Mycetoma Research Centre to treat patients comes as a continuation of its humanitarian efforts in Sudan.
Qatar Charity is supporting the treatment of hundreds of patients diagnosed with Mycetoma in El Gezira, Sudan, the organisation announced.
The latest efforts, which come in co-operation with the Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC), is expected to help multiple critical cases, which previously had limited access to healthcare facilities, receive life-changing surgeries.
MRC works under the University of Khartoum umbrella.

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Part of the project involved sending a medical and health convoy to El Manaqil, a city in El Gezira state.
Professor of Surgery at University of Khartoum and Director of MRC Ahmed Hassan Fahal said the convoy included 27 surgeons, radiologists, anaesthesiologists, and administrative staff.
With the support of QC, 50 surgeries have already been performed at Al Managil Hospital and 100 critical cases of Mycetoma were transferred to Soba University Hospital in Khartoum for surgeries, the charity said.
The medical support comes as part of QC’s ongoing and global humanitarian and health intervention to help vulnerable people, this time in Sudan.
Fahal praised the charity’s support to help treat Mycetoma patients and for implementing several projects around the country, highlighting that the concentration of Mycetoma disease in El Gezira state pushed them to choose El-Manaqil as a focal point.
He also added that hundreds of patients in the hospital have been suffering for years from infections and poor living and health conditions. However, with QC’s help, treatment is now possible.
This is not the only project QC is currently involved in.
According to the director of its Sudan office, Hassan Odeh, QC has implemented more than 2,000 projects in various sectors, including the health sector.
The official also added that a number of convoys, sanitation campaigns, hospitals, and specialised health and medical centres have been delivered by the organisation, including a dialysis centre, which opened last year and is the largest of its kind in Bashair Hospital.

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