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Qatar distributes Eid clothes to thousands of orphans around the world


Qatar continues to expand efforts to help those in need around the world. 

Around 4,390 vulnerable orphans in 29 countries have received Eid clothes and gifts as part of Qatar Charity’s “Ramadan of Hope’ drive, the organisation said in a statement.

The charity institution said the project is still ongoing in other countries to ensure as many orphans as possible receive gifts ahead of the Eid festivities.

“With the support of good people in Qatar, Qatar Charity has finished distributing Eid clothing to orphans who are sponsored by it in a number of countries around the world,” QC said in a tweet.

“In other countries, clothes are also being distributed before Eid with the aim of bringing happiness to the hearts of children and making them feel the joy of this occasion.”

The ‘Eid clothing’ project comes within the framework of QC’s Ramadan campaign to help vulnerable communities around the world. This follows an exciting campaign launched by the organisation at the start of the holy month which included distributing food aid and iftar meals to families in need in Africa and around the world.

In Kosova, the organisation distributed clothes to 220 orphans to spread joy and happiness ahead of Eid. The project was implemented through the distribution of coupons which gave the orphans the chance to explore options and choose what suits them best.

“I am very happy with this dress and happy that I chose what I liked to wear on Eid,” said orphan Luona Kusum.

In Pakistan, 270 orphans in Kashmir’s RawalaKot region received Eid clothes, as did 140 in Kenya.

In Palestine, the organisation’s office distributed clothes Eid al-Fitr clothing and gifts to 330 children.

“This way, I can share with my friends the atmosphere of the holiday .. Thank you the people of Qatar because you make us happy and always surprise us with a lot of amazing support and giving,” an orphan said after receiving his share of the clothes.

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