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Qatar hospitals team up for first surgery to remove uterine tumours


The surgery is the first of its kind in Qatar.

Al Fardan Medical and Northwestern Medicine announced on Thursday the first ever surgery conducted in Qatar to preserve fertility and remove uterine tumours, often associated with infertility, heavy menstruation and anaemia, according to reports.

The surgery was performed for the first time in the country Dr. Jay Fender, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Al Fardan Medical and Northwestern Medicine, with minimally invasive cervical and endometriosis. 

“We are delighted at Al Fardan Medical and Northwestern Medicine to introduce this innovative technology in Qatar, which is the most advanced in the sector and the least harmful to the cervix and endometrium, which allows the improvement and acceleration of the recovery process, regularity of the natural menstruation and future pregnancy,” said Dr. Fender. 

The “minimally invasive” surgery technique used in the operation increases the success of pregnancy treated by in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and reduces the risks of preterm labour.

This innovative technique allows surgeons to avoid damaging the endometrium, which may result from the use of traditional techniques associated with thermal or physical shock, as can be the case in childbirth.

The patient, who underwent the operation, said “it was a really wonderful experience in all its stages, unlike all previous treatment procedures.

“Here, I would like to shed light on the efficiency and smoothness of work with the medical team accredited by the centre. I woke up from the operation feeling completely comfortable, and with the pain treatment methods that I underwent, I recovered quickly and was ready to go home safely.”

Dr. Jared Robins, Associate Medical Director Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said in a statement that he is proud of the achievement.

“On the personal level, I am proud to participate in this surgery as a fertility doctor, and I look forward to providing medical care services to infertility and fertility patients coming to the centre, according to the innovative standards and techniques approved by Northwestern University School of Medicine, based in Chicago,” Dr. Robins said.

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The Northwestern School of Medicine, one of the leading academic medical centres in the United States, provides patients with high-quality medical care, based on services and technologies based on advanced research.

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