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Friday, October 22, 2021

Qatar ministries come together to solve Doha’s ‘traffic nightmare’


The recent traffic jam may be attributed to the return of 100% in-person learning.

Qatari authorities held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss reasons behind a sudden rise in congestion across the capital Doha.

The meeting, attended by representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), was held after an influx of complaints emerged online, all of which expressing discontent over the spike in traffic.⁠

Authorities have yet to announce measures to ease the congestion.

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Commuters in Qatar have taken to social media to voice their frustrations since the beginning of the week, coinciding with the start of 100% capacity in-person learning for schools around the country. Workplaces are now also operating at 100% capacity, as per new government rules.

“My mom wakes up at 4 am and she was still late to work today. How are we meant to deal with this traffic situation? #Doha,” Ifath Sayed tweeted.

“Never has been the traffic situation in Qatar so bad. 2 days since schools reopened has been nightmarish. With all the redevelopment projects going on in Doha, everything seems so messed up,” another user said.

The compounding comments led the state-run Twitter account to issue advice for commuters.

“Getting out early during peak hours helps you reach your destination in a timely manner,” the account tweeted, prompting responses from dissatisfied users.

“By God, even if we go early, there is no benefit. We leave an hour and a half early and face difficulties. We hope the Traffic Department will manage the roads, especially Salwa Road and Feburary 22, the situation is serious,” one person said.

“It used to take me 30-40 minutes to get from Wakra to my work in West Bay, now it takes me at least 2 hours. I have never seen traffic like this. Even early morning, it is unbearable. I hope authorities act quickly or else complaints will keep increasing,” one commuter told Doha News.

While a solution to the congestion has yet to be announced, the spike in traffic comes amid ongoing and major roadworks to prepare for the upcoming World Cup next year.

On Twitter, one person made his own suggestion.

“The traffic nightmare in Doha only proves the dire need for alternative modes of transportation. Dedicated Bus Lanes in West Bay and Inner Doha is in desperate need. The automobile has failed in transporting the urban population, it’s time to move forward with a different plan,” he user said.

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