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Qatar ministry rolls out automated multi-lingual complaint service


MOLSA complaint machine

To make it easier for Qatar’s blue-collar workers to lodge complaints with labor officials, the government has introduced new machines that accept grievances in seven languages.

The kiosks, which are set up across six Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs branches, support Arabic, English, Nepalese, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Tamil.

According to QNA:

“The new devices aim to remove communications barriers created by many workers’ lack of knowledge of Arabic and English. The move will enable workers from different countries to seek redress of work-related problems.”

To file a complaint, workers fill out a form in the language of their choice. The forms can then be printed out so that the employee can submit the complaint to the relevant labor department.

Speaking to Doha News, a MOLSA representative said the next step after submitting the complaint is for the labor relations department to help resolve the dispute “amicably.”

Improving conditions

On Twitter, the ministry said the new machines were part of ongoing efforts to protect labor rights in Qatar.


For the past few months, the government has been talking about a number of reforms to the country’s restrictive kafala sponsorship system. For example, in May, authorities pledged to amend the labor law to make it easier for expats to switch jobs and leave the country.

New efforts are also underway to mandate direct deposit bank payments to blue-collar workers to ensure timely wage delivery, and to increase the accountability of manpower agencies – which often charge exorbitant recruitment fees to vulnerable expats.



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7 years ago

Great initiative by the MoL, but where are these machines located?

A good next step would be to make these machines accessible in areas where guest workers reside and to introduce this complaint system to a portal that is accessible through PCs.

7 years ago

Great initiative, but what about the many many housemaids who suffer terrific abuse regarding hours they work, not being allowed to go home (ever), at the beck and call of rude kids 24/7, who aren’t allowed to leave their compounds (ever) – how will they access these forms ? The foreign embassies in this country have got to do more to ensure the safety, security and decent management of their citizens – my experience with one embassy and labour office here was horrendous – they just didn’t give a damn when I reported some really bad stuff.

7 years ago

Very impressive, although things are moving very slowly it seems that the MOI is making efforts to serve citizens and residents.

The Reporter
The Reporter
7 years ago
Reply to  MIMH

Take the blinkers off MIMH. The workers don’t complain as they should because they live in fear of the Kafala and the consequences of losing their jobs, If they didn’t then there would have been an uprising long ago.

Deepak Babu
Deepak Babu
7 years ago

Many of these workers don’t even know what their rights are, let alone have the courage to complain against their employer and face possible termination/ jail time/ deportation. I hope they can make the complaints anonymous and inform the workers on their basic labor rights.

Good to see that there is an intent to take steps in the right direction. Hopefully the beuracracy and wasta will not get in the way of the implementation.

6 years ago

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