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Friday, December 3, 2021

Qatar (mostly) shrugs off second heavy rains of the season (photos)


Hours of relentless rain that began Thursday night and continued all of Friday and into this morning have once again caused parts of Qatar to flood, trapping cars, decreasing visibility and dropping temperatures.

Rain in Qatar
Rain in Qatar

But unlike last month, the downpours did not appear to paralyze the city or cause any major damage to the country’s buildings or infrastructure.

This may be in part because traffic on the roads has thinned out considerably due to the holiday season, allowing municipality trucks to respond more quickly to flooded areas.

However, some residents complained that water-logged roads continue to be a problem in their areas:

For those in need of help with flooding, the government has advised calling the following numbers:

Drying out

According to local forecasters, Doha is expected to begin drying out later today. On Twitter, Steff Gaulter, senior meteorologist for Al Jazeera English said:

The Qatar Meteorology Department added that temperatures will fall from the 20s we saw earlier this week into no higher than 19C (66F) today.

For those venturing out, the Ministry of Interior has urged caution on the roads and offered several tips for driving in the rain on Facebook, including:

  • Keeping a larger distance between cars;
  • Reducing speeds to maintain more control over your vehicle and making it easier to brake;
  • Avoiding water-logged roads “as you don’t know the depth or other possible obstacles inside;”
  • Not braking suddenly, to avoid skidding and losing control;
  • Staying in your lane and avoiding overtaking others to keep traffic flowing smoothly;
  • Making sure the turn signals on your vehicle are working (and using them); and
  • Only using hazard lights for emergency stops. Use low beams in instances of decreased visibility.

How was your rainy weekend? Thoughts?

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