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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Qatar police arrest man suspected of murdering two people in Al Wakrah


The fugitive had fled to Pakistan hours after the crime but was brought back to Doha after an arrest warrant was issued.

Two Sudanese siblings were reportedly murdered in their workplace in Qatar after being stabbed on Monday by a former employee in what appeared to be a premeditated robbery.

Sudanese media reported on Tuesday that the brothers, Kamal and Sami Ali Albasher, were murdered by a Pakistani national in Doha who had stabbed them and fled the country immediately.

Relatives of the victims told media that Kamal, the older sibling, went to visit his brother in his office, located in Al Wakrah near Abdul Rahman bin Jassim preparatory School, during the day after his wife had called him concerned that her husband had not returned home for lunch as he usually does.

Soon after heading to the office, Kamal was unresponsive and failed to pick up his phone, the wife then called the owner of the company who then went to the office to find it completely locked with Sami’s car parked in front of it.

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The owner then contacted the police who had to break open the door, upon entering they found the two brothers dead, “soaked in their own blood”.

According to the relatives of the victims, the salaries of all the employees at the firm were with Sami as he had to disburse them. CCTV footage revealed that the identity of the killer, a Pakistani national who had previously worked at the company before he was fired.

The criminal is believed to have closely monitored the salary payment process, tracking its timings, and when the cash would be at the office and in the hands of his victim. The murderer stole all the money before fleeing the scene. 

The suspected murderer headed to the airport shortly after comitting the crime and boarded a plane to Pakistan but was arrested “hours later” by Pakistani security forces acting on a warrant Qatari authorities had issued in the immediate aftermath of the crime. He is now in Doha where he is facing criminal charges.

The bodies of the brothers are expected to be buried on Wednesday or Thursday.

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