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Qatar residents should carry ID cards ‘at all times’


Qatar ID card

People living and working in Qatar must carry their ID cards “at all times” as proof of their identities and valid residency, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has warned.

It added that residents should present the ID card at the request of authorities, QNA reports.

The reminder is in line with Law No. 21 of 2015 on the Entry, Exit, and Residency of Foreign Nationals.

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Article 15 of this law states:

“During his residency, the Foreign National shall submit his Passport, Travel Document, or Residency Permit to the Competent Authorities when requested. He shall answer any questions asked of him, and within the appointed time established for him.”

However, in the past officials have clarified that residents don’t necessarily have to present an ID card on the spot if a law enforcement official demands it.

For example, if someone is out running on the Corniche, he can go back to his car or home to retrieve the card.

But outright refusal to present ID to officers could lead to a fine of up to QR10,000, authorities previously said.

No more passport stamps

Qatar ID cards have become more important since officials began phasing out residency permit stamps in passports in 2014.

Once they have the new ID cards, expats must keep in mind that it is the only official document that proves their identity and residence in Qatar.

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That means residents who leave the country must present this card alongside their passport as proof of their identity.

This also applies to children who have been issued an ID card, another new step.

Likewise, people returning to Qatar must present their ID cards alongside their passports to get into the country.

Lost cards

In the event that an ID card is lost, the resident should report it to the General Directorate of Passports, QNA reported yesterday.

If the card is lost inside of Qatar, the resident or a company representative should head to one of the service centers and fill out a lost ID form, submit his passport for verification and pay QR200 for lost report fees and the new card.

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It gets a bit more complicated if the card is lost outside of Qatar, according to Brig. Muhammed Saleh Al Kuwari, who heads the Residence Division of the passport directorate.

He said the resident must then file a report in the country where the card was lost, get it attested by authorities in that foreign country and send a copy to the resident’s representative in Qatar to be able to issue a Return Permit for Resident.

This permit costs QR200. It is then sent to the resident abroad to be able to enter the country.

Once he arrives in Qatar, the resident should head to the Expatriates Affairs Department to issue a lost report and get a new card.


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