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‘Qatar Revolution’ Facebook group accumulates 23,000 likes


Friday, May 27.

That’s the day that a new Facebook group has called for a revolution in Qatar.

There are no specifics about what will happen on Friday, save for a “peaceful protest,” nor who will be involved in whatever is slated to happen. 

The group has gathered more than 23,000 likes, more than any other FB group calling for change in Qatar. It claims to have a large Qatari fan base, but how many of those people are actually from Qatar is not known.

The members’ grievances are similar to those of past groups: first lady Sheikha Mozah’s public involvement, the presence of a US base in Qatar and the country’s alleged ties to Israel.

When reached for comment via email, the group’s owner, Rashid Almrry, stated in Arabic:

It is sure that the protest will be public… but we expect suppression from the security forces as is happening in the massacres in Bahrain at the hands of the Peninsula Shield and the police.

The definite facts are that there are security pretenses with the Qatari security forces and the American forces and there has been detainments of many in secret… and others will be detained… but the popular base we have is very large and they won’t be able to affect the march of the revolution even if they detain half of the Qatari people.

He declined to go into details, citing security concerns.

Some say the Facebook group is propaganda by Syrians angry at Qatar for Al Jazeera’s coverage of the country’s revolution.

What do you guys think? Is this another fake protest in the making?

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