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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Qatar to tackle traffic jams through new monitoring system



Some 33 intersections in Qatar have been outfitted with surveillance cameras to monitor and improve the flow of traffic, with another 15 junctions set to be outfitted with the equipment soon, the Ministry of Interior’s National Command Centre has announced.

Through real-time monitoring, the MOI said it will be better able to tackle traffic snarls, either by dispatching police officers to help clear the congestion or manipulating the traffic signals from the control room.

Traffic violations and accidents that occur near these intersections could also be addressed more quickly, Lt. Ahmed Jumua Al Kubaisi, projects officer at the Security Systems Department, said.

Coping with commute

Long commutes are starting to become a way of life in Qatar, which has seen its population nearly triple in the last decade, and the number of road accidents jump some 160 percent.

While the new cameras will come in handy to resolve traffic disputes, officials said they will not be used to track down rogue vehicles:

Answering a question about the contribution of these surveillance cameras in tracing the wanted vehicle by traffic department or security agencies, the head of projects section at Security Systems Department said that this system is not aimed at security surveillance as there are other means for security purposes and this may be used for informing about accidents, if it is required by Traffic Department. 

Doha News has contacted Ashghal, which is conducting the installation of the cameras, for a full list of the intersections, and we’ll update with the information when we have it.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has recently begun offering real-time traffic updates for Doha drivers, which can be checked via internet-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers.

Do you think the new system will help improve Qatar’s traffic woes?


Credit: Photo by Paola Kizette Cimenti

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