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Qatar traffic 101: Seven tips to survive roundabouts


Roundabouts are the cause of much consternation in Qatar, largely because they are trafficked by people who either don’t know or don’t care about to use them.

Bone up on R/B savvy with these tips from Traffic Department official Ademola Gideon Ilori, who was recently interviewed by Gulf Times:

  • Slow down before entering a R/B – about 40km/h is a safe speed.
  • Don’t change lanes when you’re in the roundabout.
  • Look to your left when entering a R/B and be sure to yield to cars already inside.
  • Avoid driving next to large trucks. They are only allowed in the right lane of the R/B, and they may cross in front of you instead of turning right.
  • Drivers who want to turn left must stay in the left lane. Do not turn left from right or middle lanes.
  • Don’t park in the R/B – it’s dangerous and a violating of the traffic law.
  • Finally, take special care when negotiating R/Bs that go from three lanes to two, Ilori said:

“In a three-lane roundabout the left lane can either turn left or go straight. When the vehicle in the left lane goes straight it exits into the left lane after the roundabout. The middle lane can only go straight and as such it exits into the right lane.”

“The vehicle in the right lane has no option but to yield to the vehicle exiting from the middle lane. If the right lane vehicle does not yield and there is an accident then the right lane vehicle will be at fault,” he added.

Got any more advice? Please share your tips!

Credit: Photo by Azli Johari

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