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Qatari family feeds 300 people a day during Ramadan


All photos by Reem Saad

Two summers ago, a local family put a refrigerator outside their house stocked with free cold water, laban and juice.

The fridge had a note that said, “Take anything you need,” giving many workers access to refreshments during the hottest months of the year.

Now, the Qatari family is distributing iftar meals to hundreds of workers in the same spot alongside the fridge, by the Chamber of Commerce at Muntazah signal off of C-Ring Road.

Ramadan iftar
Ramadan iftar

Over the past week, blue-collar men have been lining up there an hour before sunset to grab a plate of food, refreshments and bread before heading back to their homes.

Workers could be seen exchanging smiles and greetings coupled with a “thank you very much” and “jazakAllah khair (may God reward you with goodness)” with distributors.

Among those lining up for food were security guards and construction workers, hailing from many different parts of the world, including Nepal, India, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ghana and the Philippines.

Speaking to Doha News, a family member living in the home asked that their last name not be given. She explained that they were just acting in the spirit of Ramadan, when charitable acts have more meaning.

Ramadan iftar“The weather gets really hot in the summer so someone really needs to look after these workers,” she said.

She added that the family also hands out lunches and dinners during the rest of the year, sometimes catered and other times cooked in their home.

Appreciating the good

Speaking to Doha News, one of the men, who asked to remain anonymous, said he appreciated the food and hoped others were inspired by the family’s generosity.

“When people talk about Qatar and workers, they always focus on the bad things. They don’t talk about the good. They always say that Qatar treats workers badly.

Sometimes that is true, but this is a good thing this family is doing for us. We should talk about both sides and focus on the good also so others can be encouraged to do the same.”

He added, “I used to come here when the fridge was outside. I really appreciate what they do for us.”

The family will continue distributing iftar meals for the remainder of Ramadan.


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