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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Qatari men in national attire latest casualties of unannounced Aspire Park dress code changes


UPDATE | 6:30pm In remarks just made on Twitter, Aspire Zone denied that the dress code was changed to ban Qatari men wearing their national attire.

It emphasized that it had not instructed any security guards to take such measures and that any who did bar Qatari men in thobes from entering the park were not acting on behalf of the institution.

It also offered a number for nationals to call if they have trouble entering the park: 66593023. 

As far as non-nationals, a spokesman told Doha News that he will clarify the new rules “tomorrow.”


New unofficial dress code rules at Aspire Park continue to vex residents, with Qatari men in thobes appearing to be the latest visitors to be denied entry.

According to a report in Al Arab, guards turned away hundreds of Qatari families from the park over the weekend because the men were not wearing sports gear.

The denial sparked embarrassment, confusion and anger among many fathers, who asked why there was no public announcement clarifying the new rules, the newspaper reports.

Late last month, numerous park-goers reported being barred or asked to leave Aspire for not conforming to a new dress code. At the time, the requirements appeared to be either sports gear or Qatari national dress.

Aspire has refused numerous requests for comment on the issue. 

The latest change to allow only visitors dressed in sports gear or women in abayas has sparked a fresh wave of outcry among residents.

One theory posed by a resident in Al Arab is that Aspire wants to dedicate the park solely for fitness purposes.

Anyone know more? Thoughts?

Credit: Photo by myhnard

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