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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Qataris call for restraint in Eid celebrations


A group of Qataris are urging the government to cancel an Eid concert at Souq Waqif on Tuesday out of solidarity with Muslims suffering in Libya, Syria and Somalia.

Support for toning down Eid celebrations this year is growing online, as Twitter users organize under the hashtag #stopeidconcert.

UM_Fatma cited three reasons why she supports the idea:

First, songs are not allowed in Islam, there are more useful events to be done! 

2 changes happening in arab world necessaries us to be serious, concious, combined with brothers in Syria, Lybia,etc. 

3 Instead if spending money on such event, donations for Somalia will be more valuable.

On Facebook, Qatari student Maryam Al-Ansari is polling people about their thoughts on canceling of concerts and other celebrations during Eid.

The poll, which garnered some 2,000 votes in the first five hours it was launched – half from Qatar – overwhelmingly supports the idea of muting celebrations out of respect for current events, with 90 percent in favor of the idea.

What do you think? 

Is there a time and place to celebrate Eid? Or is there a time and place to forgo all the fun times?

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