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Qataris express concern about hiring ‘beautiful’ European maids


Qatar has hit a new wrinkle in its search for manpower outside of the Asian countries it typically depends on – a growing fear that European maids will be too tempting for their employers.

Countries that Qatar usually sources its domestic labor, including the Philippines and Nepal, have begun requiring the government to guarantee certain rights for their citizens.

Partly in response to this, and due to rising demand for maids, Qatar has starting seeking workers from other poor countries, including Kenya, Morocco, Bosnia and China.

But according to local media reports, Qatari wives are concerned about sourcing manpower from Europe for fear of losing their husbands.

The Peninsula reports:

Young Qatari wives are particularly sceptical and say they don’t want beautiful European women in their homes as they fear they could ‘charm away’ their husbands, local Arabic daily Al Sharq reported on Thursday.

They argue that already there have been cases of good-looking Asian maids having ‘tempted husbands away’ in many a family and destroyed homes…

They insist that if at all European maids are allowed to be recruited, stricter rules must be in place that do not permit women less than 40 years of age to enter a Qatari home as maid.


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