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Qatar’s ‘Accelerated Education’ project allows 600 children to continue school


The charity organisation has expanded its efforts to ensure quality education is provided to those in need. 

Qatar Charity has helped around 600 children who previously dropped out of school to take their final exams in northern Syria as part of its “Accelerated Education” project, the organisation has announced.

Launched by QC in 2020, the project provides children who have been forced out of education with assistance at temporary centres in the province.

“In cooperation with Qatar Charity and its partners, Accelerated Learning Centers Exams are held for displaced Syrians,” a tweet read.


The learning centres use a special curriculum developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund [UNICEF] to provide young people with the care and education needed to successfully enter the next academic year.

This aims to mitigate any academic gaps for those who have been made to stop their academic journeys through circumstances out of their control.

In the past decade, thousands of displaced children have been forced to drop out of school to work in order to help their families with living and food necessities. Human Rights organisations have also recorded an increase in early marriages at displacement camps in recent years.

As the humanitarian crisis continues, thousands of children have found themselves unable to integrate back into school life due to a huge educational gap, causing many to give up on education.

This led Qatar Charity to introduce re-building and re-programming projects in the educational sector to cater to various needs of vulnerable families in Syria and provide equal educational opportunities for all.

As part of its latest initiative, the organisation restored two temporary education centres in northern Syria that provide “accelerated education” services to help as many kids as possible.

It also appointed a qualified and well-trained academic team in the centres and distributed books, school bags, and stationery to children. Psychological support services and transportation for children with special needs are also being provided to ensure inclusivity.

Funded by the United Nation’s Humanitarian Fund in Syria [SCHF] and coordinated by Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA], the project so far has benefited around 1,200 children in Azaz and Al-Bab regions in northern Syria.

Qatar Charity has implemented dozens of educational projects for displaced Syrians and refugees to provide quality education for those in need. In the past five years, the projects have benefited over 1.2 million children in the country.

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