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Qatar’s online community inspires ‘donation over sales’


While making a little extra money selling unwanted belongings is no issue, Qatar’s online community pages have been inspired to donate instead.

With so many expats constantly moving in and out of Qatar, it’s normal to see people left with the task of flogging and selling their belongings abruptly before embarking on their next adventure. Items range from high quality goods such as  televisions, cupboards  and beds, to small items like cutlery and coat hangers. 

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling items, it’s important to question whether gifting a spatula or a box of detergent to those in need will serve a greater purpose than selling them for small amounts of money.

Recently, Doha News came across a heartwarming story about the kindness of a Qatari woman called Nadya who took the initiative to encourage her community to donate unwanted items for an expecting mother in need. Through Nadya’s call for donations, the soon-to-be mother was able to collect several essential baby care products, including nappies, clothes, dummies , wipes , toys , mats, crib, bedding, bath, sterilise and bottles, in the lead up to the birth of her child.

Community spirit delivers donations to mother-to-be [Facebook]
“I was leaving Qatar three days after my post so I only had a limited amount of time to buy and deliver things to this lady. I used my neighbourhood Facebook Community Page and expected some offers for cheap things I could buy for her. I wasn’t expecting free donations and especially not to this degree,” she told Doha News, noting the response was overwhelming.

“I received over 50 messages and comments with over 70 people offering support. I was proud at everyones eagerness to offer this stranger help and also shocked at the type of things that they were willing to give away. A lot of items they could have sold for quite high prices. Around 9 people dropped things off at my house. I didn’t even see them – they dropped and left.”

Nadya, who modestly refused to share her family name, said she was inspired by an incident during lockdown that saw an unemployed man with little money requesting food from his neighbour to feed his children.

“It triggered a sentiment in me. You don’t have to have money to help – ‘things’ help too. If you have something you no longer need, consider giving it away instead. The real value and happiness comes in knowing you made someone’s life a little bit easier, so do for someone what you would want someone to do for you or your own family one day if you ever needed help,” she advised.

As the world becomes more community-focused, with many searching for ways to be more charitable, donating items offers itself as the easiest way to help local communities while also serving as an ideal and stress-free way of getting rid of unwanted items. 

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Facebook-based trade and swap groups have made donating safer and easier than ever for residents of Qatar, where goods considered too valuable to give away for free have proven to offer great assistance to those in need. Similarly, items deemed useless are regularly and creatively repurposed by others – a great zero waste option for decluttering.

Local charities, including a few collecting for victims of Sudan floods and Lebanon’s port blast victims, are also accepting donations and many even offer collection services from homes upon request. Check out some of our suggestions below.

 Ways to donate 

  • Facebook – Free stuff in Doha Qatar – fsdq
  • Tayf – Qatar Charity – Click on map to find donation centres  near you or for more information call +974) 44667711 or email info@qcharity.org 
  • Qatar Red Crescent –  Click on map to find donation centres near you or call +97433998898
  •  Speak to local supermarkets and ask where their charity donation boxes are located
  • Speak to workers and staff members at residential apartments and local facilities. You may come across someone who might just be looking for that thing you no longer need.

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